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Ges Seguros, since 1928
taking care of our customers

We are an independent insurance company whose objective is to establish lasting relationships with your clients, based on quality and trust.


GES Home

A solution for each home. 
From the basic guarantees of fire and civil liability you can choose the coverages that best suit your home.


With Gesauto, the insurance of your car in the hands of a professional.

Our insurance provides the best protection for both you and your vehicle. Our car insurance adapts to your needs.

We have different packs so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Free car services for replacement, collection and delivery of the vehicle, and review of key points in our Network of Workshops Arranged Gesauto Gold Service.

Your wife and/or children benefit from your bonus if they also hire car insurance. Special discounts for Ges clients.


GES Health

A health insurance for each person.

We put at your disposal various ways to find the option that best suits your needs and those of your family. A very competitive offer of health insurance, with 3 products that allow different modalities with everything necessary to ensure the well-being of Your family, through a broad medical and coverage of the highest quality:

  • Include traffic accidents, work and professionals.
  • 50 free dental services and discounts around 50% in services barely scheduled.
  • Occupational gynecological and ophthalmological review.
  • 6 chiropedias al year.
  • Ophthalmological laser surgery with a copayment of € 450 per eye (except Mediges).
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Life GES

Protection for your future. 

The need to feel safe is common in all ages and in all periods of life. We offer you the opportunity to protect your future and yours at the best price, so you only have to worry about living in peace.

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Funeral insurance

A complete funeral insurance. 

Our funeral insurance provides the necessary support to your family and all the guarantees to face the most difficult moments, thanks to its complete coverages.

Advantages: Personalized advice, free health services, legal assistance for death and includes travel assistance.

GES Motorcycle

Designed to protect the motorcycle and its owner Gesmoto is a product that combines simplicity and flexibility offering the most appropriate coverage at the best price.

Protection for your motorcycle (towing, technical assistance, Civil Liability …)

Drive insurance with the best coverage for you (transfer to hospital center, legal expenses, subsidy for withdrawal of card …)

Up to 40% bonus. A special discount if you have insured your car or motorcycle in Ges.

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Travel Insurance

Traveling to the unknown is fascinating, but it does not have to be risky. Protect your trip to be a unique experience.

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Boat insurance

Pleasure boat insurance specially designed to cover any damage resulting from the practice of navigation.

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Hunt insurance

Enjoy your hobby with all the protection you need.

Planes De Ahorro

Saving and investment insurance

Our Savings and Investment products will give you profitability and security to your money.

If your goal is to save for retirement or for a specific project, our Insured Forecast Plan or Long Term Investment Insurance will allow you to provide the desired amount monthly, with maximum flexibility. If, on the other hand, you want to get the most out of your money, our Investment products will give you excellent returns thanks to their guaranteed profitability and profit sharing.

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Accident Insurance

Ensure your peacefulness in the face of any unforeseen event that may occur.


Long-term savings insurance


Individual life insurance designed for you to save with flexibility, profitability and with interesting tax advantages. Minimum duration 5 years.

Maximum annual premium of € 5,000. One person can only be a contract holder.

Possibility of reinvestment upon expiration of the policy (depending on the conditions in force at that moment or to receive the capital).

Exemptions exempt from taxation (if the conditions of Law 26/2014 of Reform of Law 35/2006 of IRPF are met)>

GES Flexible Savings

Individual insurance to save in the amount you want and with the periodicity you prefer, at your own pace, to make your projects come true.

Product whole life (until the death of the insured or cancellation of the contract for other reasons).

No limit in the amount maximum annual premium or in the number of contracts per insured.

Warranty GES

Invest with maximum security and maximum profitability. It is a 5-year investment in which we guarantee 100% of the capital invested in addition to an annual return and participation in profits.


Exclusive single premiums.

Minimum investment: 500 euros.

Annual technical interest 1%.

Profit sharing 90% .


Our savings insurance aimed at supplementing future retirement benefits at the time it occurs.

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