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Labor Advice

Personal work advice for your company or business and also for individuals.

We solve any doubt you have about everything related to the world of work.

Every company or business is a different world, that is why at Gestoría Marco Asociados we adapt to your needs and advise you as if it were our own company.

We take care of making all kinds of payroll for your company

Preparation of Payroll

We take care of making all kinds of payroll for your company
Make any type of contract in a simple way

Preparation of Contracts

Make any type of contract in a simple way
Sign up or leave the SS quickly and easily

Sign-ups and leaves of the Social Security

Sign up or leave the SS quickly and easily

Services we offer

Laboral 2

Labor Consultancy of companies

For your company, business and also individuals. We offer a global service that, according to your needs, includes the labor area and payroll administration among other services.

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Preparation of Payroll

Payroll is a basic document of any business that has hired workers. With our help, you can create your payroll step by step adjusting to the characteristics you want.


Social insurance

All information and advice on payments that correspond to Social Security contributions.


Employment contracts

Make your own employment contracts and decide on the characteristics of the work contract, types and forms of contract, duration, trial period and obligations.


Movement of workers abroad

Find out if you want your company workers to travel abroad for a specific time and manage labor relations with other foreign companies. As well as the working conditions in the country of destination, norms in social security or contact points and national websites.


Processing of temporary incapacities

With this service you can manage temporary discharge requests and you will obtain information about temporary disability benefits and medical parts.


Labor inspections

We guide you on how to act before the possibility of being subject to a labor inspection by Social Security.

asesoramiento particular

Labor Advice for individuals

For individuals who want to have ordered their day to day in labor and Social Security matters.

  • Advice on basic labor relations concepts
  • Payroll review, tax withholdings and settlements
  • Advice and processing of Social Security pensions (retirement, disability, orphanage …)
  • Review of dismissals and salary defaults
  • Guaranteed salary fund
  • Advice on work permits and benefits (maternity, leave of absence …)
asesoria autonomos

Labor Advice for the self-employed

For entrepreneurs who are thinking of starting their business and for professionals and small businesses that, due to their size, don’t have a human resources department, we will offer them the necessary support and accompaniment so that they can achieve it and be successful.

  • Comprehensive information and support in the procedures to be carried out for the constitution of a company
  • Feasibility studies and medium and long-term business plans
  • Up-to-date information on the legal regulations on entrepreneurship
  • Processing of subsidies and hiring subsidies
  • Tax returns and relations with the Administration
  • Labor audit
  • Capitalisation of unemployment for business start

Procedures for disability, retirement, maternity / paternity, widowhood

Service designed for more specific procedures of Social Security, we will help you in your management, processing, resolution and we will provide you with all the information you need.

ayudas y subvenciones

Subsidies and bonuses for companies

We can provide you with information and management on all types of subsidies and bonuses that your company may request, as well as the requirements you may need.

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